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Learn | 5 key elements to making good tea 五項關鍵影響茶的品質

Tea appreciation can be scientific and determined methodologically step by step. Let's break down the elements of a good tea into five categories.

Tea leaves on tea plants

Tea leaves on tea plants

tea leaves oxidizing on bamboo baskets

tea leaves oxidizing on bamboo baskets

1. Raw tea and the kind of tea it's suitable for making

Tea varietal and the growth stage of the tea leaves determines the most suitable kind of tea to make. Starting from the top, different tea varietal has different flavours and aroma. Each varietal has different levels of polyphenol, amino acid, caffeine, carbohydrate, and aromatic components. Varietals with larger tea leaves contain more bitter polyphenols so they are suitable for making black tea. Black tea's high oxidization will turn the bitter polyphenols to a less bitter form. Medium and small tea leaves contain less polyphenols so are more suitable for oolongs and green teas.  

2. tea farm environment

Tea environment involves sun, air, soil and water; all the essentials for growing anything. Conditions for daylight hours, strong or weak sunlight, temperature, rainfall, weather, humidity, altitude, latitude and local terrain all further influence the tea quality. Any change of condition causes a stress on the tea plants. For example, high mountain teas are constantly stressed due to cool temperature and possibility of complete ruin caused by frost bites. On lower altitude levels, teas are stressed by conditions such as bug bites, torrential downfalls, high heat and humidity.

3. tea farm maintenance

Tea farms maintenance requires management on fertilizers, pesticides, weed, bug prevention, trimming and irrigation. Proper management and strict cleanliness and health regulations will further improve the quality of the tea. Fertilizers used wrongly not only deteriorate healthy soil, it also worsens the quality and quantity of tea plants. Weed should be managed side by side with tea plants so it can retain water and hold soil together during heavy rain. Tea leaves must not be picked completely so to support the health of the plants and the plants must be trimmed properly to maintain top shape in quality and quantity year by year. 

4. Tea making skills

With everything falling into place and luck of good weather, the raw tea material relies on the technique of tea pickers and tea makers. Different maturity of tea leaves contain different internal property which would determine the kind of tea it is most suitable for. The tea makers must be able to control the processes based on the condition of the raw material and the environment (humidity, temperature, sun, time of day). Tea makers must be able to react and constantly adjust their processing method in order to make the best tea out of the raw teas. Final steps such as getting rid of stems, yellow leaves, roasting and mixing tea will further refine the quality and consistently provide quality product. 

5. Storage

Tea is basically a processed dry good. It needs proper dry storage; away from sunlight and humidity and air. Proper storage will age the teas which will turn the teas into something different and unique from the fresh teas. Aging is generally good for oolongs and black teas and not great for green teas. 

Elements for making a good tea isn't just the elevation, picking only young buds or drinking them fresh within 3 months. It begins from the classical 5 elements; earth, water, air, fire, and aether and extending to the works of everyone involved from trimming, weeding, picking, processing to the final stage of storage. Understand it like planting vegetables and growing trees and making jam, every element involves the other; it's a cycle of nature!


Tea Recipe

Recipe | Biluochun Green Tea Marshmallow

Green Tea Marshmallow Recipe

Wintertime is for roast marshmallows and hot chocolates, only this time, its green tea marshmallows! Enjoy Biluochun green tea's roast umami with mochi mochi marshmallow texture. Little yummy presents for your friends and coworkers this holiday.


  • Bowls
  • Mixer
  • 15 cm x 15 cm pan
  • Spatula
  • Sift
  • Mortar and pestle



  1. Grind Biluochun green tea down to powder.
  2. Mix gelatin into the water for five minutes. Chill egg white in the refrigerator. 
  3. Whip egg white until soft peak, add a little bit of tea and fine sugar in the mix and whip till firm peak.
  4. Melt the gelatin water mixture in the microwave for 40 seconds. Add the rest of tea and fine sugar then microwave for another 30 seconds. 
  5. Gradually mix gelatin mixture into the egg white mixture.
  6. Chill the mixture in the fridge then take out to mix again to form everything.
  7. Pour the mixture in the baking sheet lined pan, sprinkle some matcha powder on top and let rest in room temperature.
  8. When the shape is formed, cut into 3 x 3 cm squares.

Voila! Biluochun Green Tea marshmallow.
If you like to try other tea flavours, here are our suggestions: honey black tea with honey syrup and baozhong oolong with jasmine water.

Tea Learning

Learn | Health Benefits of Cold Brew Tea

Cold Brew Tea Health Benefits

What's the difference between our cold brew tea and other tea drinks out there? That's a question we get a lot so we're here to tell you point by point!


1.    Zero calories. Our goal is to offer healthy drink. What's a healthy drink? Zero calories and no additional sweeteners. It's that simple.

2.    Catechin. It's an antioxidant and flavonoid. It helps you fight free radicals and protects you from a number of diseases. Teas contain catechins naturally.

3.    Less tannin. Tannin is what's making teas and wine bitter and complex however, cold brewing  extracts less tannin which means the teas will taste less bitter while maintaining it's complexity. (This is technically not a health benefit but hey, the teas taste better right?)

4.    Less caffeine. Cold water brewing extracts half the normal caffeine amount which means it’ll be better for your stomach and sleeping problems.

5.    Fresh. We source and brew our teas fresh and bottle them raw so you’ll always drink fresh teas that still contain all their health benefits.

6.    Clean. We directly work with Taiwanese tea farmers which means we can make sure the teas are safe and clean for consumption. In addition, we add no extra artificial flavours because we believe in natural flavours and clean drinks.

Enjoy the cold brew tea everybody!