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Recipe | Iron Buddha Oolong Tea Bourbon Soy Latte

Iron Buddha Oolong Tea Bourbon Soy Latte

This has become my weekend morning ritual drink. It started with waking up one crispy November morning faced with the choice of either roast oolong tea or home made soy milk. So why not combine the two? Turned out it's pretty awesome. The smokey roast flavours of Iron Buddha compliments the gentle sweet soy milk and the touch of bourbon spice makes it complex with a kick. 


  • Soy milk 300ml (semi sweet)
  • Iron Buddha Oolong 3g (roasted oolong)
  • Dash of bourbon
  • Pinch of anise 


  • Roughly grind rolled ball shape iron buddha oolong.
  • Bring soy milk, tea and anise  to a light simmer in a pot (do not leave the pot as it will boil over quite fast)
  • Strain the tea and anise out while pouring the mixture into your mug
  • Add a dash of Bourbon

Done and done. Now, to add a 'holiday feel' to it, replace soy milk with eggnog! Yummy. 
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