Pinglin: Tea Subscription 2017 January

Pinglin: Tea Subscription 2017 January

 “There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.” ― Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living 
View of Pinglin mountain range in north east of Taipei.

View of Pinglin mountain range in north east of Taipei.

This month we are exploring one of Taiwan’s oldest tea regions –The Pinglin District. The district is the mountainous part of the New Taipei City. Pinglin has been producing the infamous flower tea- Pouchong oolong- since 1880s. The area is an environmentally protected area because the nearby rivers supply water to northern Taiwan therefore no developments are permitted which creates a protected tea farming environment till this day. Pouchong simply means “the wrapped kind” because back in the day, the teas are wrapped into paper square packages during its drying process. The method and tea growing was transferred from Fujian. This month, we are exploring the less famous, yet still tasty, rare teas from Pinglin. 
This month, instead of 40g of 2 teas, we are exploring 3 teas of 25-30g each.  


This tea harvested from a small group of 35 years old Iron Buddha cultivar trees. Originally, the farmer only planted them for fun and picked the leaves for practicing. Fast forward to today, these rare original cultivars are high in demand and so the farmer teamed up with experienced Iron Buddha makers in Maokong to produce this truly old school Iron Buddhas. The tea is roasted to perfection with everlasting tea leaves that just does not stop giving.  

Tasting Notes: Starts with a tint of roasted nut aroma then develops into a floral, chocolatey, woody notes with a medium dry aftertaste. 
Brewing: 3grams, 90-95C, 150ml, 6 brews, 1-5minutes, blanching required
Varietal: Iron Buddha Oolong
Elevation: 500-600 m
Date: 2016 Spring 


Some people recommend consuming baozhong (pouchong) teas within a year however, aging them develops amazing new characters. Aged for 25 years in the mountains, this tea’s flavours is like an interesting novel you can’t stop reading.  

Tasting Notes: It starts with herbal flavours and minty finishes then develops sweet and almond characters leaving you wanting for more.  
Brewing: 3grams, 90-95C, 150ml, 3 brews, 2-5minutes
Varietal: Qingxin Oolong
Elevation: 500-600m Harvest: 1989 Spring 

Honey Scented black tea brewed.

Honey Scented black tea brewed.


This new kind of black tea has become popular for summer production. During summer, there are more green grasshoppers that would munch on the tea leaves. This condition is less favourable for producing great Pouchongs but is perfect for making a cup of black teas with strong honey aroma and sweetness.  

Tasting Notes: Strong honey aroma with orange brown liquid. The taste is sweet, smooth, easy drinking. 
Brewing: 2.5grams, 90-95C, 150ml, 2 brews, 1-3minutes  
Varietal: Qingxin oolong
Elevation: 500-600m
Harvest: 2016 Spring