Recipe | Honey Black Milk Tea Egg Pudding

Honey Black Milk Tea Egg Pudding

We looooove egg pudding, the japanese style with caramel on the bottom. Yum. The creamy milky pudding (some people call it flan) with the sweet bitter caramel. It's to die for. 

white sugar 3tbsp, water 2tbsp, hot water 2tbsp
egg 2, milk 250ml, 150 whip cream, honey black tea 3grams, white sugar 2tbsp
makes 4 servings

1. Combine white sugar with water in a pot on medium heat, heat till golden colour then turn off heat and add hot water to make caramel. Quickly pour the caramel in 150ml oven bake cups.
2. Heat milk, whip cream, honey black tea and sugar in a pot on low heat until combined then take off heat.
3. Beat eggs together then add in mixture from step 2 using a sift.
4. Pour combine mixture into oven bake cups then rest in water bath tray. Put in oven for 25~35 minutes at 350F. 
5. Take out of oven and chill before serving. ENJOY!

last edited September 10 2016