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Cold Brew Tea Health Benefits

What's the difference between our cold brew tea and other tea drinks out there? That's a question we get a lot so we're here to tell you point by point!


1.    Zero calories. Our goal is to offer healthy drink. What's a healthy drink? Zero calories and no additional sweeteners. It's that simple.

2.    Catechin. It's an antioxidant and flavonoid. It helps you fight free radicals and protects you from a number of diseases. Teas contain catechins naturally.

3.    Less tannin. Tannin is what's making teas and wine bitter and complex however, cold brewing  extracts less tannin which means the teas will taste less bitter while maintaining it's complexity. (This is technically not a health benefit but hey, the teas taste better right?)

4.    Less caffeine. Cold water brewing extracts half the normal caffeine amount which means it’ll be better for your stomach and sleeping problems.

5.    Fresh. We source and brew our teas fresh and bottle them raw so you’ll always drink fresh teas that still contain all their health benefits.

6.    Clean. We directly work with Taiwanese tea farmers which means we can make sure the teas are safe and clean for consumption. In addition, we add no extra artificial flavours because we believe in natural flavours and clean drinks.

Enjoy the cold brew tea everybody!