Tea Stories

The beginning...

Welcome to the inaugural blog post of the Formosa Tea Story Project! We like to start by introducing ourselves and why are we doing this project.

Our family come from a long line of Hakka tea farmers in  Hsinchu, Taiwan. What is Hakka you ask?  客家人 literally means The Guest People. Hakka is a subgroup of Han Chinese who moved from North China to Central China and settled largely in Canton, Taiwan and Hong Kong. (We'll tell you more about Hakka people later.) 

Our great great grandpa started tea farming in early 1900s. Our Lo family tea farm produced baihao oolong, black teas and green teas. The love for Taiwan tea extended down the line and now me, Jenny, the 17th generation, is continuing the passion for Taiwan tea.

Our tea factory, Golden Mountain established 1923 April 16. 

Our tea factory, Golden Mountain established 1923 April 16. 

Formosa Tea Story Project originated from the long afternoons of my grandpa telling me about his tea stories. One day, I wonder to myself, what if we share these stories and collect more stories to share with everyone? Formosa Tea Story's sole goal is to document and share the wonderful tea stories that happened and are happening in the beautiful Formosa Taiwan.  

Come, join us in this journey, taking us way way back in time. Let's begin with one of my grandma's stories "Tea picking competition" Read about it next week. Make sure to subscribe below so you don't miss a single story!

With tea,