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Recipe | Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea Raw Chocolate

Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea Raw Chocolate

Making healthy raw chocolate is so easy, I couldn't believe it when a dear friend shared her recipe. This recipe is vegan, raw and gluten free but still taste all in all amazing and no less chocolate-y than the regular chocolates. I have been making this when I visit friends and for coworkers at the office. The recipe only takes 30 minutes so it's possible to make this from start to finish while waiting for laundry!



  1. Grind oriental beauty oolong tea down to powder
  2. Combine all ingredients together in a double boiler or in a bowl inside a bigger bowl that is filled with hot water. 
  3. Mix the mixture till the texture is smooth
  4. Pour the mixture into chocolate molds or baking tray 
  5. Let the chocolates rest in the freezer for an hour or fridge for 3 hour

Alternative fun flavour ideas

This recipe is easy and versatile, you can add any flavours you like to it. Our suggestions include Iron Buddha Oolong Tea with walnuts, Red Jade Black Tea with peppermint and Chamomile with a little bit of rosemary.

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