Oolong Tea 台灣特色烏龍茶

Milky Jinxuan Oolong 金萱奶香阿里山烏龍茶

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The true milky Jinxuan oolong tea with natural cream milk accent and luscious texture. The Alishan family farms tea trees that were bought from our family in 1990. They practice zero pesticide natural farming.

Varietal: Jinxuan Oolong
Curator: Grandpa Lo
Location: Alishan, Jiayi County, Taiwan
Elevation: 1200-1800m
Harvest: 2018 Spring

Tea Review
"This Milky Jinxuan High Mountain Oolong from Oollo Tea is one of the very best I've tried thus far." -Sororitea Sisters

"It starts with a mineral note that is almost metallic. It quickly morphs into a smooth milky texture. It is very thick feeling. As you swallow, floral and vine notes emerge." -

金萱奶香阿里山烏龍茶: 阿里山的金萱烏龍茶帶有濃濃的奶油香,中發酵口感順口又帶有花香與清堅果香味。近年來年輕人的喜愛。金萱烏龍 | 1200-1800公尺 | 2018春季

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Additional Info

Amount: 2 tsp / 3g
Water: 350 ml / 12oz
Temperature: 95 C
Brewing Duration: 2-5 min
Repeat Brews: 3 brews
Teaware: Porcelain and Pottery
Gongfu Brewing: 150ml water, 1st brew 50', 2nd 30", 3rd 1', 4th 1'30", 5th 2'10"