Oolong Tea 台灣特色烏龍茶
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Iron Buddha Oolong 烘培鐵觀音烏龍茶 25G


A present from the loving Bodhisattva of Compassion. Tightly rolled, the full leaves unfurl to emit pleasant stone fruit and wild honey notes with a hint of roasted nuts.

Varietal: Iron Buddha
Grower Name: Wang Family
Location: Pinglin, New Taipei, Taiwan
Elevation: 500m
Harvest: 2018 Spring

Tea Review
"It’s sweet with notes of honey, nutty and toasty with a very pleasant peach-like flavor.  It’s very smooth with a silky mouthfeel." -Soriritea Sisters

"The aroma of this steep is nicely roasted, with notes of sweet honey and roasted nuts, with just a touch of grainy bread." -Rambling Butterfly Thoughts

"The sweet plum flavour of this tea is delicious, and I think it would be great tea throughout the day (and I would recommend it, seeing as how many times it can be steeped!). The beautiful honeyed taste to Iron Buddha Oolong makes it a winner for me, since I love sweet things." - One More Steep

烘培鐵觀音烏龍茶: 混合了蜂蜜香氣,烘培香味與杏子複雜感。重烘培的口感受咖啡愛好者的喜愛。鐵觀音 | 500公尺 | 2018春季 *陳放一年的鐵觀音更有風味喔!

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Additional Info

Amount: 2 tsp / 3g
Water: 250 ml
Temperature: 95 ~ 100 C
Brewing Duration: 2-5 min
Repeat Brews: 5 brews
Teaware: Porcelain and Pottery
Gongfu Brewing: 150ml water, 1st brew 50', 2nd 30", 3rd 1', 4th 1'30", 5th 2'10"