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The Everything Collection

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The Everything Collection contains:

Baozhong Oolong 文山包種烏龍茶 30grams
The twisted leaves produce elegant lilac and vanilla fragrances while developing delicate sweet, floral notes.

Maliba High Mountain Oolong 馬力巴花香高山茶 30grams
Taste of spring, with bursting floral and fresh grass fragrances rounded by a lingering sweet finish.

Oriental Beauty Oolong 東方美人烏龍茶 30grams
This traditional beauty exudes apricot and peach scents followed by indulging orchid, muscat grape, and apple flavours. 

Iron Buddha Oolong 烘培鐵觀音烏龍茶 30grams
Tightly rolled, the full leaves unfurl to emit pleasant stone fruit and wild honey notes with a hint of roasted nuts.

Qingjin High Mountain Oolong 清境清香高山茶 30grams
The essence of summer, the small pearls of leaves whisper flavors of flower and highland grass with a whiff of vanilla. 

Bamboo Tea Strainer

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