Taiwan Traceability Agricultural Product

Taiwan Council of Agriculture launched Traceable Agricultural Product system in 2007. The system regulates agricultural manufacturers to conform to the codes of Taiwan's Good Agriculture Practices and manage risks associated with their operation. This system is accredited by TAF. Source

Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF)

The Taiwan Accreditation Foundation is the only body in Taiwan recognized by Government for the accreditation of conformity assessment against international standards. As a not-for-profit and self-funded organisation, TAF offers third-party impartial, independent and transparent assessment services. Source

Chemical Pesticide lab tests

Chemical pesticides lab tests are done by the government accredited lab, Taiwan Tea Research Station. The tea farmers we work with periodically test their teas and the results are well within trace chemicals levels or often no traces of of chemical at all. Source



Our teas are certified by their local provincial government to ensure that the teas are 100% from the origin stated. Left are certification stamps for He Huan High Mountain Tea, Alishan High Mountain Tea, Lugu Donding Oolong Tea and Wenshan Baochung Oolong Tea.