Black Tea 台灣稀有紅茶

Red Jade Black Tea 魚池紅玉紅茶 25G


A perfect marriage between Burma Ashamu and Taiwanese wild tea. The long twisted whole leaves give distinct smooth raisin, date and cinnamon infusions with traces of peppermint.

Varietal: Taiwan No. 18
Curator: Yoshi Lo
Location: Yuchi, Nantou, Taiwan
Elevation: 800m
Harvest: 2018 Summer

Tea Review
"I have a cup of perfection!...this tea from Oollo is a perfect example of why I love black tea so much. It has a rich, invigorating flavor but it doesn't get all aggressive on me." -Sororitea Sisters

"Opening the bag I catch malt, and grape? No wait. It's raisin and plum. Very fruity and aromatic. There is also a bread note present. This is really an easy to drink cup." -The Everyday Tea Blog

"Opening my sample I was greeted with beautiful curly dark leaves and a blast of unusual aroma. The taste starts off with notes of sassafras and raisins, this moves to a slightly woody, cocoa, malt, with a finish of slightly sweet yams and a cooling menthol aftertaste." -Rambling Butterfly Thoughts

"What I thought was going to be a fairly straightforward black tea ended up being this delicious roller coaster of flavour. From the beginning to the end, each sip takes you on this crazy journey that starts off with the warming flavour of cinnamon and ends off with a cool bit of mint. It might be the most complex and interesting black tea that I’ve ever had the pleasure of steeping." -One More Steep

魚池紅玉紅茶: 揚名的台茶18號,緬甸阿薩姆與台灣野茶的結晶。葡萄乾、棗果與肉桂的特色與淡淡的薄荷收尾。紅玉台茶18號 | 800公尺 | 2018夏季

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Additional Info

Amount: 2 tbls / 3g
Water: 250 ml
Temperature: 95~100 C
Brewing Duration: 2-4 min
Repeat Brews: 4 brews
Teaware: Glass and Porcelain
Gongfu Brewing: 150ml water, 1st brew 20", 2nd 40", 3rd 1', 4th 1'40"
Cold Brewing: 2tbls / 3g in 250ml water then refrigerate for at least 3 hours