Black Tea 台灣稀有紅茶

Limited Edition Alishan High Mountain Black Tea 限量阿里山紅茶

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Alishan Mountain is known for its amazing mountain oolong teas however it also produces small limited batches of black teas. This particular 2014 harvest brews a prominent cacao chocolate flavour with wooden musky aroma. Aged for 4 years.

Varietal: Jinxuan oolong
Curator: Grandpa Lo
Location: Alishan, Jiayi, Taiwan
Elevation: 1200-1800m
Harvest: 2014 Winter

Tea Review
"A truly remarkable tea. This is the kind of black tea that I'd recommend for afternoon tea drinking." -Sororitea Sisters

"It tastes as good as it smells. I get some malt, followed by cocoa and honey. There is a woodsy flavor present in the mix as well. I am also noticing floral notes blooming in the aftertaste. I enjoyed every sip of this one." -The Everyday Tea Blog

限量阿里山紅茶: 全發酵帶出的巧克力與木香與青花香收尾。充滿深度與驚喜的茶款。金萱 | 1200-1800公尺| 2014冬季 *越放越好喝的紅茶!陳放讓茶葉可以達到適喝期喔!

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Additional Info

Amount: 2 tbls / 3g
Water: 350 ml
Temperature: 90 C
Brewing Duration: 1-2 min
Repeat Brews: 3 brews
Teaware: Glass and Porcelain
Gongfu Brewing: 150ml water, 1st brew 25", 2nd 50", 3rd 1'45"